Winifred Frick, Ph.D. | Aeroecology
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Photo courtesy of Tom Kunz

Photo courtesy of Tom Kunz

Aeroecology is an emerging discipline focused on understanding the ecological function and biological importance of organisms that rely on the aerosphere for critical aspects of their life history.  Studying behavior and movement of animals, such as birds, bats, and flying arthropods, in the aerosphere presents considerable challenges, requiring creative integration of novel technological solutions for data acquisition and analysis with sound scientific research. Remote sensing tools, such as NEXRAD Doppler radar, offer considerable promise for investigating aeroecological processes and dynamics at broad spatial and temporal scales. I currently collaborate with Dr. Phillip Chilson at the School of Meteorology at University of Oklahoma, and Jeff Kelly in the Dept of Zoology at University of Oklahoma on various aspects of aeroecological research.  This work is funded the California Institute for Energy and the Environment and previously funded by NSF’s Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellowship. 


Relevant publications:


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