Winifred Frick, Ph.D. | Research
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We combine empirical field studies with quantitative approaches to study the ecology and conservation biology of vertebrates, most often of bats.  The questions we ask are driven by a curiosity about the natural world and a desire to help sustain biodiversity.  Below are some of the current research topics the lab works on:




  • White-Nose Syndrome

    White-Nose Syndrome

    We currently have multiple projects studying disease impact, transmission, spread and potential treatment of this devastating disease.

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  • Ecology of Desert Bats

    Ecology of Desert Bats

    We study several aspects of community ecology, demography, and behavior of desert bats on the Baja Peninsula in Northwestern Mexico.

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  • Aeroecology


    We use archived weather radar data to study animal behaviors in the aerosphere.

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  • Population Ecology & Conservation Biology

    Population Ecology & Conservation Biology

    We study various aspects of how global change, including land use, climate change, and catastrophic events affect bat populations.

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