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MDT_130424_MEX3_2027-small (1)Dr. Winifred Frick

Winifred is an assistant adjunct professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz. My research is broadly focused on exploring how populations respond to anthropogenic and natural stressors. Much of my research focuses on bats, although my interests in ecology and conservation transcend my mono-taxophilic research habit. I believe good science combines natural curiosity, a dedicated work ethic, and remembering to have fun.








Tina Cheng - Ph.D. student in EEB - co-advised with A. Marm Kilpatrick.

Tina Cheng

Tina Cheng is a Ph.D. student in EEB at UCSC, co-advised by Winifred Frick and A. Marm Kilpatrick.  Tina completed her Master degree at San Francisco State University where she worked on the the impact of chytrid fungus on amphibians.  Her doctoral work focuses on white-nose syndrome, looking at mechanisms of population persistence, the environmental reservoir, and potential treatment options for WNS.







Joe Hoyt - M.S. student in EEB -co-advised with A. Marm Kilpatrick

Joe Hoyt

Joe Hoyt is a Ph.D. student in EEB at UCSC, co-advised by Winifred Frick and A. Marm Kilpatrick.  Joe completed his Master degree in 2014 in EEB working with us on potential biocontrol treatments for WNS.  Joe is now working on a variety of exciting topics on WNS, including social contacts, endemic and invasive disease dynamics, pathogen phylogenetics, and continuing the work on potential biocontrol.








Savannah Robinson

20150711_165514Savannah is an undergraduate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Her senior thesis is working on an acoustic inventory survey of bats and bat habitat use at the UC Big Creek Reserve.









samchavezSamantha Chavez

Samantha is an undergraduate student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz.  Her senior thesis in the lab is looking at temporal partitioning of timing of nectar-feeding visits by bats in Baja.  She’s interested in bat behavior, especially the interactions between two species competing for a similar resource.



Heer PurewalPurewal_Heer_pic-1

Heer is a fourth year undergraduate student in Neuroscience at UC Santa Cruz.  She was awarded a Undergraduate Research Award in Physical and Biological Sciences to investigate the skin microbiome of Ozark Big-Eared bats.  Her project is supervised by Tina Cheng.







Kate Langwig - Ph.D. student in EEB - co-advised with A. Marm Kilpatrick

Dr. Kate Langwig

Kate Langwig finished her doctoral degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCSC, co-advised by Winifred Frick and Marm Kilpatrick.  Kate’s research focused on impacts of WNS on bat species, seasonality of disease, invasion dynamics, and more.  She is currently a post-doc at Harvard University.







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  • Sabrina Hines – ENVS – senior thesis intern
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  • High school Students
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