Winifred Frick, Ph.D. | Nature Article Feature by Nala Rogers
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Nature Article Feature by Nala Rogers

25 Jun Nature Article Feature by Nala Rogers

nature7557Winifred Frick was featured in a news article in the Volume 522, Issue 7557 of Nature. The piece, titled, “Bacteria may help bats to fight deadly fungus”, was authored by Nala Rogers. An excerpt follows below:

In the meantime, the United States and Canada are developing and implementing strategies to coordinate work by scientists and by local and national governments — ranging from laboratory and field studies to efforts to prevent people from inadvertently spreading the fungus to pristine caves.

The plight of the bats is “stark — it’s demoralizing”, says Winifred Frick, an ecologist at the UCSC. “But I have hope in terms of the amount of creative energy and sense of dedication that people are putting forth on this problem. If there are solutions, we will find them.”

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