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Lab News

Press updates & neat lab news!

03 Nov Joe Hoyt’s paper on Pd/WNS in China released online in EID!

Congratulations to grad student Joe Hoyt on his paper released online today in the CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.  Joe found Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the fungus that causes WNS, in northeastern China. Joe won a prestigious NSF EAPSI fellowship to travel to China last summer (2014) and returned again last winter to investigate Pd/WNS in China. He not only found evidence of widespread Pd on cave substrates, but also documented bats with characteristic...

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02 Nov Jaclyn Aliperti won the Lubee Bat Conservation Award at NASBR

[caption id="attachment_493" align="alignleft" width="300"] Jackie Aliperti studying bat-fruit interactions in Baja in July 2014[/caption] Congratulations to Jaclyn Aliperti for winning the Lubee Bat Conservation Award at the North American Society of Bat Research meeting.  Jackie's presentation was on frugivorous behavior of pallid bats in Baja.  Jackie spent summer 2014 recording bat behavior at cardon fruit at our long-term research sites near Loreto, Baja California Sur to understand mutualistic relationships between bats...

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30 Oct Women in Science Breakfast at NASBR

On Friday morning, we held the second annual Women in Science breakfast at the North American Society of Bat Research meeting.  The breakfast was a big hit - we had 87 people show up for breakfast, including 9 men.  We discussed 5 challenges that women in science face - Imposter Syndrome, Putting your Best Self Forward, Negotiating for Success, Recognizing Implicit Gender Bias, and Gender Bias in Invitationals and Awards....

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30 Oct Frick Lab members present their research at NASBR

The Frick lab members and affiliates are contributing a lot of research talks and posters at NASBR this year.  UCSC graduate student Tina Cheng talked about part of her PhD research on the environmental reservoir of Pseudogymnoascus destructans.  UC Davis graduate student Jaclyn Aliperti presented on her work on frugivory behavior in pallid bats in Baja.  Simon Topp presented on our project on winter ecology of bats in Sequoia National Park....

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28 Oct Hosting Dr. Rodrigo Medellin as EEB Departmental Seminar Speaker

It was a wonderful pleasure and privilege to host my friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Rodrigo Medellín as the Ecology and Evolutionary Departmental Seminar Speaker here at UC Santa Cruz this week.  Rodrigo's talk shared his experiences using science and policy to support conservation of jaguars, big horn sheep, and lesser long-nosed bats.  ...

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14 Oct Winifred gives a talk on bats to the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum

On Tuesday night, I was the Naturalist Night speaker at the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum.  The event sold out and we had a great time talking about the amazing lives of bats.  I love these opportunities to share my interest and passion for bats with the public. People are always surprised and fascinated to learn that there are so many different species of bats in the world and 12 species...

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03 Oct Our research funding on WNS is covered by the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Our research funding on WNS was covered by the Santa Cruz Sentinel on October 03 in a brief piece authored by Emily Benson. Below is an excerpt from the article. ------------ In some disease-stricken areas, 90 to 100 percent of bats have died, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Some bat populations have declined so much that scientists believe that some species may go extinct. This winter, a group led by Winifred...

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30 Sep Funding for WNS Research!

Pleased to announce that we received funding for more research on WNS.  These projects fund graduate student projects for both Joe Hoyt and Tina Cheng. Congrats to both of them! Here's an excerpt from the press release: A team led by scientists at UC Santa Cruz will conduct field trials this winter of two strategies for protecting bats from white-nose syndrome, a deadly fungal disease. The effort is funded by two grants,...

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01 Jul Our research on bats in Baja covered in Journal del Pacifico

The summer issue of Journal del Pacifico covered our research on bats in Baja.  The journal reports topical and regional interest stories in both English and Spanish.  "Battle of the Bats" focused on the important role of bats as pollinators of the cardon cactus on the Baja peninsula.  The full article can be read here: jdp_summer2015...

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